At Bench, we have created something that has a great deal of meaning for us, and to those that happen upon our stores. By working from the ground up with our design, build, product, and service, we have tried to perfect our craft. We live and breathe design and coffee, we draw our inspiration and practice from what we like to think is both Art and Science. What may initially seem to be two opposed ideals, we have drawn an underlying theme. Measurable quality, and consistency. This can be neatly summed up by our source of inspiration:

      "Ultimate simplicity equals purity" - Jiro Ono;

There is a certain level of heart-warming pride that can only be attained through a step-by-step involvement of the entire process. When we see someone sitting at the bench that we built, enjoying the atmosphere that we have designed, and drinking the coffee that we have meticulously crafted for them, is a feeling like no other. No one has ever consistently created an amazing cup of coffee by chance. It is through a deliberate, measurable and consistent process that a beautiful coffee and environment is created. It is with these principles that we draw our happiness from; in the same sense that you create an enjoyable experience for your family around the kitchen table. Slater St. Bench and 580 Bench are our family, and we want you to sit with us.

Thank You, 

The Bench Family